Hello and welcome to my photography page! Here you can find the best pictures I’ve managed to make as a hobbyist photographer. My main profession is software and hardware development, which my blog reflects. But here it’s about a more artistic endeavor.

All photos were captured with a Nikon Z5 and processed with Rawtherapee.

I like tinkering with old and weird lenses. Fixing them, cleaning them, finding their strong and weak points and using it all for artistic gain. A mirrorless camera is great for this as the short flange distance allows adapters to be made for all sorts of mounts. And, with a camera like the Z5 that sports sensor shift stabilization, you get optical image stabilization for any old lens.

The page was made with Hugo and the hugo-theme-gallery

You can purchase digital downloads of the pictures without watermarks, including raw files out of the camera and Rawtherapee settings used for processing, in the shop.

Contact: contact@larsee.com