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This is not my first blog, and this time I decided to move the best material from the previous blogs over. This including hits such as Scopetris, MMC2IEC (which is the ancestor of many current SD card to C64 interfaces), and the Midimixfix project.

About Me

I'm an electrical engineer from Denmark and have been working with embedded software and hardware design for most of my professional career. I finished my masters degree in 2007 and worked for 6 years in regular jobs until I decided to go full freelance in 2014. In February 2017 I moved to Sofia, Bulgaria and continue to work as a freelancing software consultant, now out of my Bulgarian company FirmwareWorks LTD.

Under the personal tag you can read about my decision to move to Bulgaria, ramblings about experiences in my childhood that shaped me, my hobbies and more.

FirmwareWorks LTD

I work as a freelancing embedded software consultant out of my company FirmwareWorks LTD.

Vitosha mountain, January 28, 2018