Midimixfix Open Sourced

Open source

Midimixfix is now a fully open source and open hardware project!

Since I haven't done any development on the project for quite a while, and people do ask about it from time to time, it felt like the right thing to do.

Find all the materials here: https://github.com/larspontoppidan/midimixfix

In the repository you will find:

  • Eagle hardware project
  • The entire Midimixfix source written in C
  • Modified USBasploader bootloader
  • Various information about the assembly, cables and components

The best documentation on the features of Midimixfix is still the posts on this blog, in particular this one.


I don't have any kits for sale at the moment and currently no plans of making more.

But if anyone wants to produce and even sell Midimixfix units - be my guest!

Vibrato pedal on a piano

In other news - the last time I used Midimixfix was to make a vibrato pedal on my digital piano. It was just a fun idea, you can see it in action in this Youtube video: Vibrato Pedal on a Piano? Enhancing Rachmaninoff with Midimixfix. The damper pedal controller messages was changed to modulation, so you could activate a slight vibrato by pushing the left pedal.

I hope you enjoyed this content!

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